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Few stats on PowerPoint

In 2009, the BBC published an article to celebrate PowerPoint's 25 years.
Even if PowerPoint is now more than 30 years, it is still the market undisputed leader.

Beyond critics on the way most people create their slides, and advices for improving presentations, I want to mention the article's interesting statistics on PowerPoint's commercial success and the way it is used (they are not in the text of the article but in the slideshow at the top of the article):

  • Estimated market share: 75%
  • 500 millions users in the World
  • Average presentation session: 250mn
  • 40 words by slide in average
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Managing data in slides

Why should we speak about data with PowerPoint ?

Just because 60% of companies use slides to present analysis and make up decision (business plans, budgets, reports, sales follow-up, marketing or Human Ressources analysis,etc...). In this respect, data has to be presented on a clear and reliable support and charts or calculation functionalities appear essential. Everybody knows that a relevant chart is the best way to make the information instantly understood and memorized.

I've found two applications that give an answer to that topic:

  • ThinkCell, an add-in for PowerPoint developed by a German company. ThinkCell provides spreadsheets to input (or copy) data and make calculations. Impressive chart functionalities are also supported to give a relevant output. Data can be copied from Excel to ThinkCell . ThinkCell cannot run on a Mac.
  • Visme, is a full web application. Visme provides computer graphic presentations. With an efficient and clear interface, Visme can support data as ThinkCell does, but in a web version and doesn't run on PowerPoint. Visme's computer graphic functionalities are attractive.
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Benchmark of slides presentation applications

This our first benchmark of applications to create presentations and slides.

This table gives a visual presentation of main characteristics of several applications.... Nothing exhaustive nor objective, since valuation criteria I've chosen may not be the ones you would have selected. But nevertheless it can contribute to make you have an outlook of main applications...

In few words,  :

  • PowerPoint is the standard of presentation applications, from far the most used and fully integrated to Microsoft Office Suite. Beyond slides, it can aslo be very usefull to create draws and images retouchs. 
  • Keynote is developped by Apple and pretends to give the best support for presentation on Mac. Animations and translation into video make the difference with PowerPoint.
  • Google Slides is an application of Google Apps. Built to run in a full web environment, Google Slides is deeply inspired bu PowerPoint. It's innovating in collaborative work functionalities, several persons can work remotely and simultaneously on a same presentation support. 
  • Prezzi is the most well known dynamic support for presentation. Information are presented on a big page on which we can navigate and follow a presentation script.
  • Explee is a recent application to produce video presentations including voices, zooms and animation on objects. It's a good support to build short motion designs.
  • Powtoon is Explee's main competitor. Efficient but may be less design than Explee, Powtoon is easy to take in hand and produces pleasant videos.
  • Visme has its own market positioning and is specially focused on data visualization. Graphic functions are powerful and give a professional output. Data are managed on a kind of spreadsheet.
  • Bunkr is like a web portal full of API and connectors to feed your presentations from different sources (press, media, stats, video, maps...)
  • is like a Saas full web version of PowerPoint. Its design look and feel makes it easy and pleasant to use. More sexy than Google Slides, it doesn't provide yet powerful collaborative functionalities.
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Short history of the slides

You might think I come from another time but when I was at school, I used to learn on blackboard and chalk... and slides where produced form film negatives. In the late 70's and the 80's, few teachers began to use overhead projectors and transparents on which they could write during their course and interact with students.

Richard Gaskins has done a real revolution when he imagine these transparents and slides could be produced by everybody on a desktop application. PowerPoint (initially called "Presentation") was born. The 2 pages executive summary he done was impressive of vision and understanding of the market and the commercial potential.

Formerly developed for Apple's Macintosh, PowerPoint is in 1987, Microsoft's first acquisition, for just 14 millions dollars

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Insight of Keynote 2013

This video presents a full overview of Keynote 2013...


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Google Slides, the collaborative slides

Why should Google Slide be a real alternative to PowerPoint ?


In a challenger position, Google Slide cannot take advantage of the integration with Microsoft's fabulous Office Suite. Google's Suite still cannot really challenge Microsoft's one. So why should I speak about Google Slides ?

I still tend to prefer PowerPoint's drawing and layout functions even if Google Slide is not that far from it's model...So where is the major difference between both applications ? Of course, it's on the web topic that everything happens.

On the web, Google Slide make collaborative work really efficient. Several persons can simultaneously work on a same document form different places.  Even if Microsoft's SharePoint provides collaborative functionalities, Google Slides is originally designed for simultaneous work. Let me show you how:

1. Select the "share" position on the top right button

2. invite co-writers

I just have to send an invitation to the people I want to work with on the document.


3. Simultaneous work

It is possible to see who works on the slides and what modifications are done. Here, I can see that my guest is working on the same page as I and I can validate his modifications. Comments functionality can be used to share in real time the suggestions of each guest.

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With Explee, make brilliant présentations in video format

Explee is a Saas application for do-it-yourself video presentations, with few training and an impressive output.

This small jewell gives a professional look to your presentations in a very short time.

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SlideDog for interactive présentations

Do you know SlidesDog ?

It's an application for presentations that can embed information from different sources and supports (PowerPoint, Prezi, Video, pdf, etc...).



Even if this concept is interesting, I would like to focus on its functions of interactivity with the public. SlideDog provides live polls, valuation of the show and chat with the public features. These live interactivity with the audience make of SlideDog a complete presentation support. Embedding Tweeter or Google+ would be a plus, for a wider broadcast, beyond the hall...

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Google Slides 2013 - Tutorial

I've found on the web a good tutorial for Google Slides de 2013...Thank you David Saunders !


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Wellcome at Slides-Revolution


Let's speak about slides for presentation... But not exactly like other sites do. I would like to keep focused on the support application rather than on the way to create the content.

You want to know everything on:

  • the different kinds of application,
  • Technical and tips and tricks,
  • the comparison beetwen versions,

then you are on the right site. Of course we will also speak about the different ways to create slides, and creatives will have their own place. Many Videos will also be proposed.

Suggestions and insentives are wellcome.

Enjoy Slide-Revolution,


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